Fresh Year, Fresh Start?

I refuse to call this new year resolution, but that thought is sitting in the back of my brain while I type this post. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with social media outlets, but I want to at least start making a better attempt. I want to be more active with various outlets because I’ve noticed over the last month that I am more active with friends and news.

Knowing more about what is going on around me, instead of just hyper-focusing on my home life is a good thing because I believe it helps me to keep more involved with my home life. So, let’s see how the social media experiment of 2014 works out for me this year.

Friday, January 31st, 2014 General No Comments

Thought the coloring made for a nice picture.

2 days ago

What a game! #Skol Vikings! Great game against Washington! #MINvsWAS 6 days ago

Where did that commandingb lead go? Come on Vikings! #Skol 6 days ago

Way to go Defense! #Skol 6 days ago

Thank you Forbath! #Skol Putting up three on a long FG! 6 days ago

Well, that was a poor decision by Keenum. Blargh.... 6 days ago

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure Keenum isn't giving up starting QB without a big fight. I think he is p…… 6 days ago

Sendejo with a couple nice clutch plays today! Great to see it. #Skol 6 days ago

Washington is feeling the Purple Pressure! #Skol 6 days ago

Wright putting it in the endzone for the TD! #Skol #MINvsWAS And Forbath is 5/5! 6 days ago

Thielen just making it happen with Case today! #Skol 6 days ago

Let's do this, Vikings! #Skol 6 days ago

Touchdown Morgan! #Skol #MINvsWAS And Forbath is 4/4! 6 days ago

woot! Interception! #Skol 6 days ago

Thielen with the touchdown! #Skol #MINvsWAS 6 days ago

Thielen making it look easy! #Skol 6 days ago

Nice to see Forbath getting it done today, too! #Skol 6 days ago