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To be quite honest I am not a big fan of the “About” page; I mean, really, does anyone look at an ‘About’ page on a blog? Isn’t the blog itself one big ‘About’ page? Regardless, here is my ‘About’ page.

I felt that I should at least put something here, so I’ve linked some useful things below for your browsing pleasure.


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3 days ago

Took until the 4th quarter, but the Steelers may have a game on their hands. #TheOtherTeamByMarriage 5 days ago

By the way, that was our backup QB, as well, kids. #Vikings 5 days ago

Interception to put the game away! #Skol #GBvsMIN 5 days ago

Way to go Defense! #Skol 5 days ago

Splits the uprights! Forbath for another 3! #Skol #GBvsMIN 5 days ago

Good fans do not cheer or celebrate injuries to any player; regardless of team or rivalry. #Vikings #GBvsMIN 5 days ago

What an awful drive. sheesh... #Vikings 5 days ago

Sticking to my goofy game call from earlier. #Vikings #GBvsMIN 5 days ago

Touchdown McKinnon x2! #Skol #Vikings 5 days ago

Goofy game so far. #Vikings 5 days ago

Okay Defense, make something happen! #Vikings 5 days ago

Well crap... 5 days ago

Honestly, it sucks that Rodgers is out; changes the whole dynamic of the game. Battle of the backup QBs. #Vikings 5 days ago

Touchdown McKinnon! #Skol 5 days ago

I can feel the tension all the way down here in Shakopee. Gonna be an interesting game. #Vikings 5 days ago

Great interception. Dumbass move by Barr. #Vikings 5 days ago