Welcome to my blog!

To be quite honest I am not a big fan of the “About” page; I mean, really, does anyone look at an ‘About’ page on a blog? Isn’t the blog itself one big ‘About’ page? Regardless, here is my ‘About’ page.

I felt that I should at least put something here, so I’ve linked some useful things below for your browsing pleasure.


- Jason

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Consider helping my friend, Christopher, publish his latest children's book! THE UNABOMINABLE YODI on @Kickstarter kck.st/2r6APhO 2 weeks ago

Just entered to win THREE Star Wars experiences, thanks Omaze! All entries help UNICEF & Starlight Foundation. omaze.com/experiences/St… -JWS 4 months ago

That moment that you realise that hot sauce packets have more game than you. #tacobell pic.twitter.com/9GaZPRMk6P

4 months ago

woot! Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Official Title for Star Wars: Episode VIII Revealed | StarWars.com starwars.com/news/the-offic… 6 months ago

We just pledged Sophie for the Aspen Academy Fun Run. apexfunrun.com/aspen-academy-… 6 months ago

Love my #Vikings! #SKOL #minnesotavikings twitter.com/Vikings/status…

7 months ago

Of course it's Thielen! #SKOL 7 months ago

Too little too late, but points is points. It'd be nice to see some actual hustle out of the offense; even just some... blargh... #Vikings 7 months ago

Even the Browns are winning today. Seriously. #MinnesotaVikings 7 months ago

How do you let that happen? Seriously. #MinnesotaVikings 7 months ago

#SKOL Let's get a few more of those! #MinnesotaVikings 7 months ago

FGs work but TDs would be better! #minnesotavikings 7 months ago

Thank you @KaiForbath! Points on the board! #SKOL That was a nice drive. Go #minnesotavikings! 7 months ago

Already better than last week! #SKOL Go Vikings! Let's see some great offense now! 7 months ago

Well, that was a disappointing display by the #minnesotavikings. On to next week and hopefully some better hustle and game play. #SKOL 7 months ago

So....uhhh... yeah.... #SKOL 7 months ago

Well, I guess that is that... #minnesotavikings I wish the Vikings had wanted to win today. Effort just not there today. 7 months ago