Welcome to my blog!

To be quite honest I am not a big fan of the “About” page; I mean, really, does anyone look at an ‘About’ page on a blog? Isn’t the blog itself one big ‘About’ page? Regardless, here is my ‘About’ page.

I felt that I should at least put something here, so I’ve linked some useful things below for your browsing pleasure.


- Jason

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Thought the coloring made for a nice picture. pic.twitter.com/1u6odghiHG

2 days ago

What a game! #Skol Vikings! Great game against Washington! #MINvsWAS 6 days ago

Where did that commandingb lead go? Come on Vikings! #Skol 6 days ago

Way to go Defense! #Skol 6 days ago

Thank you Forbath! #Skol Putting up three on a long FG! 6 days ago

Well, that was a poor decision by Keenum. Blargh.... 6 days ago

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure Keenum isn't giving up starting QB without a big fight. I think he is p… twitter.com/i/web/status/9… 6 days ago

Sendejo with a couple nice clutch plays today! Great to see it. #Skol 6 days ago

Washington is feeling the Purple Pressure! #Skol 6 days ago

Wright putting it in the endzone for the TD! #Skol #MINvsWAS And Forbath is 5/5! 6 days ago

Thielen just making it happen with Case today! #Skol 6 days ago

Let's do this, Vikings! #Skol 6 days ago

Touchdown Morgan! #Skol #MINvsWAS And Forbath is 4/4! 6 days ago

woot! Interception! #Skol 6 days ago

Thielen with the touchdown! #Skol #MINvsWAS 6 days ago

Thielen making it look easy! #Skol 6 days ago

Nice to see Forbath getting it done today, too! #Skol 6 days ago