Welcome to my blog!

To be quite honest I am not a big fan of the “About” page; I mean, really, does anyone look at an ‘About’ page on a blog? Isn’t the blog itself one big ‘About’ page? Regardless, here is my ‘About’ page.

I felt that I should at least put something here, so I’ve linked some useful things below for your browsing pleasure.


- Jason

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Watching a team implode really sucks. #MinnesotaVikings 7 days ago

Forbath - not exactly one with the extra point. Blargh! #MinnesotaVikings 7 days ago

Touchdown Vikings! #Skol Let's get a few more of those! 7 days ago

Points is points! #Skol Need a TD on the next drive, though. Go Vikings! 7 days ago

Great work defense! Go Vikings! Let's see this offense roll! #SKOL 1 week ago

That feels like a good win, I like it. #Skol Way to go #MinnesotaVikings! 2 weeks ago

Oh look....more points on the board! Go Vikings! #Skol 2 weeks ago

Rudolph! Woot! Go Vikings! #Skol 2 weeks ago

It's up and it's good! Has a little yellow paint on it, but it's still 3 points! #SKOL 2 weeks ago

Way to Diggs! Touchdown Vikings! #SKOL 2 weeks ago

Touchdown baby! Go Vikings! #SKOL 2 weeks ago

Points on the board! Go Vikings! #SKOL 2 weeks ago

Time to get some offense rolling! Lets go Vikings! #SKOL 2 weeks ago

At the Great Minnesota Get Together! #MNstatefair pic.twitter.com/Y4coBGWMKc

4 weeks ago

#SKOL Going for the 2-point conversion! 4 weeks ago

SKOL Vikings! Touchdown McKinnon! #skol #MinnesotaVikings 4 weeks ago