Fresh Year, Fresh Start?

I refuse to call this new year resolution, but that thought is sitting in the back of my brain while I type this post. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with social media outlets, but I want to at least start making a better attempt. I want to be more active with various outlets because I’ve noticed over the last month that I am more active with friends and news.

Knowing more about what is going on around me, instead of just hyper-focusing on my home life is a good thing because I believe it helps me to keep more involved with my home life. So, let’s see how the social media experiment of 2014 works out for me this year.

Friday, January 31st, 2014 General No Comments

Saturday morning soccer has begun!

3 days ago

Moved into my new cube earlier today. Not only are there windows so that I can see outside, but my cube has windows!

6 days ago

Survived my first day at Cambria. Let's be honest, though; first day is just making sure you don't walk in the wrong office. 1 week ago

Last day @ Mystic! Out of this cube and on to the next great adventure!

2 weeks ago

May the 4th be with you! #StarWarsDay 4 months ago

This is cool! Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153 via @YouTube

5 months ago

I've decided that I am ready for the weekend. Nothing horrible this week, I'm just done with it already. 9 months ago

@mdb0576 @BackerKit @UnoNoteband Nothing, yet. I figured it was still a bit yet and recent emails were address confirmation. 9 months ago

Chris Stapleton - Fire Away - Vevo dscvr (Live) via @YouTube

10 months ago

Excited to be the 571st backer on @BackerKit for Uno Noteband- Fitness Tracker... | Thx @UnoNoteband! 10 months ago

I feel like I have this on repeat tonight. JT & Chris Stapleton - Drink You Away - CMA's 2015 via @YouTube 10 months ago

Fall Out Boy & Thomas Rhett - Crash & Burn & Uma Thurman - CMA's 2015 via @YouTube 10 months ago

Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey CMA Awards 2015 via @YouTube 10 months ago

Who Is Chris Stapleton: 5 Things You Need to Know About the CMA King via @rollingstone 10 months ago

Macklemore - Otherside Ft. Fences (Official Music Video) via @YouTube You don't have to like it. I do.

11 months ago

Is it 5 o'clock, yet? 1 year ago

We want Jon Stewart to moderate a 2016 presidential debate. - Sign the Petition!… via @Change 1 year ago