Fresh Year, Fresh Start?

I refuse to call this new year resolution, but that thought is sitting in the back of my brain while I type this post. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with social media outlets, but I want to at least start making a better attempt. I want to be more active with various outlets because I’ve noticed over the last month that I am more active with friends and news.

Knowing more about what is going on around me, instead of just hyper-focusing on my home life is a good thing because I believe it helps me to keep more involved with my home life. So, let’s see how the social media experiment of 2014 works out for me this year.

Friday, January 31st, 2014 General No Comments

That was a missed call! 5 days ago

What is the deal with Locke tonight? yeesh... 5 days ago

Points is point for the lead! We'll take it! Go Vikings! #SKOL 5 days ago

Points is points! #SKOL 5 days ago

Come on @Vikings, I need more to tweet about! #SKOL 5 days ago

Points on the board! #SKOL 5 days ago

Come on lucky socks; make it happen! #SKOL

5 days ago

Time to make it happen @Vikings !! #SKOL 5 days ago

It's worth a shot! I've entered to win an #NESClassic Edition, join me! #ThinkGeekNES 1 week ago

Unreal. #minnesotavikings What a crappy way to lose. 2 weeks ago

#SKOL Thanks for the leg up, Forbath! Literally. 2 weeks ago

#SKOL Keep putting points on the board! 2 weeks ago

I'm going to be honest; those were some questionable calls that went our way. Had me sweating a bit. lol 2 weeks ago

Do it up, #minnesotavikings! #SKOL Time for some Turkey Day football! 2 weeks ago

99.9% Vikings & 0.1% my lucky socks! #SKOL Vikings!

2 weeks ago

#SKOL Vikings! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! 2 weeks ago

Seems like the Refs want the Cardinals to stay in the game. #minnesotavikings 2 weeks ago